Your partner from 100 to millions of cards!

Cardcenter guarantees the highest quality standards for bank and loyalty cards. We guarantee from our side the highest quality laminated cards and not laminated and this by applying the tolerances of the general ISO-standards for plastic cards. Cardcenter uses the best offset printers and can also print digital by using the HP Indigo.

Cards provided by Cardcenter stand in time very well. We deliver entry cards and visitor cards to public institutions and companies. Clubs and associations are customers because of the membership cards. Retailers are also using our cards, mostly loyalty cards. These can be ordered in quantities of 100 to millions of cards and beyond.

Cardcenter also provides all possible related accessories and services (card holders, clips, lanyards, luggage tags, business cards, Card integrated paperforms, sending cards by mail, adding cards on a registration form, …).