Give your card a professional look by wearing a lanyard around the neck with a matching cardholder.

Create a unique image for your company or organization.

Cardcenter offers a wide range of card holders, clips, yoyos and lanyards. Also card wallets or cardboxes for storing tickets.

Download: ID accessories catalog
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We have exactly what you are looking for: from a wide range of unprinted colored to fully personalized lanyards (also called keycords).

Personalized lanyards, unprinted lanyards, business and staff logs, visitors lanyards, promotional lanyards ….

Badge and ID-card holders

We offer high-quality badge holders for protecting and carrying an ID card. These are available in flexible vinyl, sturdy plastic and other versions.

You can also design customized badge holders with logos and text.

Suitable as conference badge holders or ID badge holders.


Our yo-yos are a popular way to keep a badge or ID card easily accessible. With the retractable cord you have your card always at hand. They are available in different styles, colors and final finishes.

Our yo-yos can be personally customized with the logo of your customer, text and other images

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