Loyalty system

SAVE POINTS: Ideal saving program for retailers who are looking for easy savings and exchange these points for purchases from the store.

SESSION CARD: Simply put 10 turns on the sessioncard and reduce it at every start of the lesson or session in your club, wellness or other environment.

SYSTEM PAYMENT: Load the card with an amount of money and use it as a payment in the club or use the card as a gift for the store.

Saving points

LOYPOS is a savings system for companies that need something more than just a nice loyalty card with their logo and barcode.

With Loypos your customers can save points. You can add these points by writing a percentage of the purchase in the system. So if someone buys for 50 euros and you set 5%, the system will add 2,5 points on the card. When you want to exchange points for a discount, a voucher or a gift item will be available and the value of points will be reduced.

Loyalty cards are widely used in hairdressers, bakers, butchers, decorative shops, liquor stores, sports shops, retail stores, hotels en restaurants.

Just add an amount and Loypos calculates the discount.

Give in exchange for points a voucher or gift card for the next visit.

Session card

You put a number of sessions on the card and every time your customers use your services, you reduces one or more sessions.

Ideal for wellness, fitness, care or other sportings associations.

An advantage card where a customer buys 11 sessions/turns, but only has to pay for 10 sessions, is also an option. The big advantage here is that you have the money in advance in cash. The discount or benefit must be large enough to make this system succeed, otherwise consumers would rather to see which way the wind blows.

System payment

Add a value to your card!

You can use Loypos as a payment system for you association. For example, you can put an amount on a card for your cafetaria, club or restaurant and reduce this value for each purchase until is 0 again.

Loypos was specially designed as an internal payment system for clubs and associations. The program allows you to link an amount as a sort op pre-paid card where you consumptions can be settled. This way you can give your own members an advantage with regard to visitors.

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